We’re Back, Amsterdam. — Part 1

Last year, we had a long layover in Amsterdam. It was not enough. I fell in love with the canals, cobbled streets, and culture. I knew I needed to go back, so when we stumbled on a cheap, direct flight that got us there during tulip season, we were sold. Since it was my spring break … Continue reading We’re Back, Amsterdam. — Part 1



As of now, the Wandering Celiac posts are all memories from the past. The brilliant idea for this blog came after our latest trip, while we were jet-lagged, but reliving every moment of our trip over some Bloody Marys. I realized that I never wanted to forget all the amazing experiences we were having. I knew that … Continue reading Granada


After traveling for a few days in Amsterdam with two friends, we met two more friends in Zagreb. It was a great place to start our two weeks in Croatia. Our direct flight from Amsterdam somehow lost my friend's luggage (which was later returned), but otherwise transportation from the airport was easy. We met at … Continue reading Zagreb


This summer, we had the pleasure of spending two weeks in Croatia with some good friends. This was my fourth European country in less than a year, while it doesn't top my list of favorite stops, it was a gorgeous two weeks.  If you love crystal clear seas, rolling wine countries, and  beautiful, sunny skies, … Continue reading Croatia