Amsterdam — Gluten Free Dining

On our European travels this summer, we were in Amsterdam twice. For a few days on the very first leg of our trip, and then later on for one more day on the tail end of our travels. As soon as we arrived I could tell that Amsterdam was hands down the easiest European city I have visited to navigate gluten-free. And then when we arrived back the second time, it was like a breath of fresh air after two weeks of traveling a country with very few resources. This city not only has restaurants with educated staff, but restaurants full of gluten-free alternatives.



Shortly after our arrival, we set out for dinner. We were jet-lagged. We were starving. I had recently lost my credit card. I’d say nearly all of us were on the verge of being very hangry. We will be forever thankful and in debt to the awesome man working the Sebastian’s desk that night. (Read more about Sebastian’s here.) Not only did they provide a list of recommended restaurants, when we couldn’t decide or find any, we returned and said to just point us to the closest one. He called us in for a reservation and we arrived three minutes later. Little did we know this meal would be one of the most unique of our trip.

We found a spot in their outdoor dining. The decor was right up my ally 🙂 And they offered us blankets in case we got cold. But I knew we were in the right place when I asked about gluten free and they were not confused.  Our waiter told us that Stout is known for their tasting menu. It comes in four courses, the whole table must commit to it, and throughout the meal you can try bites of almost everything on the menu. I was worried about holding the group back, but they brought out three regulars and one gluten free sample for me each course. I rarely missed out as they even had bread, and they expertly navigated all the switches without error.


Gluten free or not. Do not miss this place.

THE RED LION — De Roode Leeuwe

Located in the Hotel Amsterdam, truly in the center of the city, this restaurant is the perfect, traditional Dutch experience. I’ve learned there are moments when you travel that you love and that you do not document nearly enough, this was one of those for me. Looking back I question how I did not capture this experience a little more.

We were directed here by a bartender at our favorite bar. (I will have a post soon on drinking your way through the Dam.)  We walked into the restaurant and it was empty except for one couple, we were eating early for Europe, and covered in red velvet. We almost walked out. We figured that we must have gotten the wrong place or else our bartender only knew beer not good food. But we were swept up and placed at a table before we had any time to reconsider. Thank god!

They got it right from the start. This place has gluten free rolls! They were fresh baked when we arrived. They were even so tasty my friend also enjoyed them 🙂 For the celiacs reading this, do I need to say anything else about this place? Just in case, I will continue…


Throughout our yummy meal, the staff entertained us and served like pros. They were very knowledgeable about what I could and could not eat, and checked with the kitchen if they had any questions. I think throughout the meal we were served by at least three servers. They even gave us expert tips about how to eat mussels.  Did you know that you should take a mussel out of its shell using an empty one? It’s more efficient and works wonderfully. I will never eat mussels the same way again.

More exciting food adventures to come soon!










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