Puerto Escondido — Gluten-Free Guide

Puerto Escondido is in the state of Oaxaca in Mexico. Many people haven't heard of it around here, but they are really missing out. It is a large area made up of five beaches. The largest beach is Zicatela. The main part of Zicatela is located right in the busy center of Puerto. We stayed … Continue reading Puerto Escondido — Gluten-Free Guide

Gluten-Free Barcelona, Girona, and Sitges

Barcelona and the surrounding areas were amazing to visit. My photo journal was my attempt at documenting all the beauty, but they were also a gluten-free gold mine! There were so many great stops, so I will just highlight my favorites. BARCELONA Elsa y Fred Yum! A cute place right near the Gothic Quarter. Dark … Continue reading Gluten-Free Barcelona, Girona, and Sitges


As of now, the Wandering Celiac posts are all memories from the past. The brilliant idea for this blog came after our latest trip, while we were jet-lagged, but reliving every moment of our trip over some Bloody Marys. I realized that I never wanted to forget all the amazing experiences we were having. I knew that … Continue reading Granada