As of now, the Wandering Celiac posts are all memories from the past. The brilliant idea for this blog came after our latest trip, while we were jet-lagged, but reliving every moment of our trip over some Bloody Marys. I realized that I never wanted to forget all the amazing experiences we were having. I knew that I needed to find a way to document all of our adventures and share what gluten free eats I found along the way.

I started the blog soon after. But we haven’t had any trips since. We recently decided to invest in a computer and camera so I can blog and take better pictures as we go in the future. But until our next trip, which is still too terribly far off, I’ve kept myself busy and happy by reliving past moments. Prepare for more detailed food and overall trip posts starting in April. Until then, please enjoy my memories from the past.

That takes us to Granada, one of our last stops on our honeymoon almost two years ago. History runs all throughout Granada. Stories of their rich history pop out at every corner and I could have stayed forever. Granada was supposed to be a day trip stop for the Alhambra. Thankfully, we changed our plans and decided on a whim to stay for 3 nights. BEST DECISION EVER. Since it’s been too long, I have to predominately remember with pictures, but what follows are the reasons why I loved Granada.

The Alhambra

It’s a given if you’re going to Granada. There’s a reason why over one million people visit here each year. While I normally regret my stop at the biggest tourist sites, there wasn’t one regret here. Buy your tickets in advance and explore every part.


The Albayzin and Sacremonte

This hilltop old city is worth the walk. It’s white washed buildings, gypsy caves, and views of the Alhambra are not to be missed. It’s also the only place on our whole 24 day trip that a restaurant brought me out FRESH BAKED gluten free rolls.


I’m always convinced paper maps are best. Views from St. Nicholas Church shouldn’t missed.


Los Cuevas de Sacromonte


Winding, hilly roads leading to los cuevas.



Eat here. Take a long time which is totally acceptable in Spain. And watch the sun set as the Alhambra lights up.



Gluten free rolls. Finally.


The Alcaiceria

Alcaiceria is a series of winding streets that was an old silk and spice bazaar in Granada. When we stumbled onto this area it was a true treat. I could have wandered the small streets still full of spices and hookah bars all day. We ate Moroccan food at two different restaurants during our stay in Granada. Each time the food was amazing and was easily made gluten free.



Drink the mint lemonades. Lots of them.

The Streets and Plazas of Granada

Finally, our hotel was on a great street, and I would highly recommend its location. Calle Navas was lined with tapas bars and it was close to everything. We could step out our door for a good drink and tapa or easily walk to anywhere else in the city. Good fact: in Granda they still give delicious free tapas with each drink order. But even better than our home base, we were also very close to a series of other plazas surrounding the Granada Cathedral that we would stroll in for hours at night. Additionally, I found many menus in Granada marked for gluten free. In the future, I will have the names and locations of all those places, but for now, know that Granada is full of great gluten free food options!



Warning. Churros are not gluten free. But that yummy, fresh orange juice and coffee were. We enjoyed them every morning and Kyle looks so cute enjoying his breakfast.


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