Oh, Hello, New Year!


Why does one digit changing make you feel like so many things are possible? Why does it make the hard stuff of the past 365 days seem a little bit more hopeful? Why does it inspire me to try something new?  The new year reminds me that I am so lucky to wake up everyday by my best friend, in good health, and living a life that gives us countless blessings. It’s a chance to remember how lucky we are and to push our negative thoughts to the back as we look positively towards the future.

I have a partner in life that truly challenges me, engages me, and loves me. And best of all, we are the bestest of travel companions. This year’s travels include three major stops. But since we just registered for a second Chase Sapphire Reserve card (no one is paying me for this plug, I just think everyone deserves to fly cheap) there will be more booked soon I’m sure.


On our last day in Madrid at the end of our 24 day honeymoon. I still am not sure if any trip will beat this one. But we will keep trying 🙂


After a long layover last July, we knew that Amsterdam had not only stolen our hearts, but that we needed to return. So we are!

For one week, we have rented a picturesque canal house and we are going to soak up the Netherlands. Other than hours strolling the canals, day trips to Giethoorn, Rotterdam and Haarlem are in store. Maybe a train ride to Belgium? (I need to up my country count after all!) Oh, and of course, I’m going to ride a bike past windmills and the never ending fields of tulips. #bucketlist

Check out Giethroon here. Seriously. It’s the Venice of the North. A little community without roads. I cannot wait.


I’m ready to search down gluten free beers from new places everywhere go. Especially a nice, cold Mongozo.


Both Kyle and I have roots in Hungary. As we mourned the loss of his amazing grandma this year, we wanted to do something that would honor her. We decided to seek out the origins of her legendary Chicken Paprikash in Budapest. While my family hails more from Romania than it does Hungary, we are incredibly excited for Budapest. And Romania is officially logged in our five year matrix of travel plans. We really do have one of those…

After Budapest, we are jetting off, rather cheaply (flights in Europe rock), to Barcelona. We will celebrate our second wedding anniversary in the country where we celebrated the start of our marriage. It seems fitting and we are crazy excited to be back. We always felt like our trip to Spain was incomplete since we didn’t make it to Catalonia, and we are going to spend seven days soaking up as much of it as we can.

Here are a few pics from my favorite streets in Granada in honor of our return to Spain. How is it possible that I don’t have a post about this amazing city? It is still one of my favorites ever.



You will find us somewhere warm. Current contenders: Cuba, Belize, or Jamaica.

Where are you traveling in 2017? Where should we add to our list? As a teacher, my breaks are long but my flexibility is limited. We want to take a domestic, fall trip. Suggestions?!

While you wait for posts about adventures and gluten free eats from these exciting upcoming trips, I’ll finish my 2016 reflections from Amsterdam and Croatia.





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