Puerto Escondido — Gluten-Free Guide

Puerto Escondido is in the state of Oaxaca in Mexico. Many people haven't heard of it around here, but they are really missing out. It is a large area made up of five beaches. The largest beach is Zicatela. The main part of Zicatela is located right in the busy center of Puerto. We stayed … Continue reading Puerto Escondido — Gluten-Free Guide

Gluten-Free Bread in Madison

Here are the local stops that I go to when I don't feel like going bunless šŸ™‚ This list will keep growing! What am I missing? Comment below! EAST Monty's Blue Plate Stalzy's Deli Mickey's Tavern Willy Street Co-op DeliĀ - Bread and Baked Goods Java Cat Cafe Crema Cafe Lazy Jane's CafeĀ - Bread and Scones … Continue reading Gluten-Free Bread in Madison